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Carbon is a unique element in nature. Due to its versatility, extreme properties and availability, carbon has become, in its many forms, a vital component of modern life. Carbon materials include porous and activated carbons, carbon black, graphite, diamond, carbon fibers and composites, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and graphene, among others.

The Carbon series of conferences is the most important scientific event in the field of carbon materials, typically attracting between 400 and 700 researchers and students from all over the world. The conference was initiated by Professor S. Mrozowski at the University of Buffalo (New York) in 1953, and was held biennally in USA until 2000. In even numbered years, local conferences were ocasionally held in Europe and Japan.

Starting in 2001, the Carbon conference has been organized in a rotation system between North America, Europe and Asia. In 2013, thanks to an special agreement between the American Carbon Society and the Brazilian Carbon Association, the Carbon conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be the first time a Carbon conference is held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Year Host Country
2001 USA
2002 China
2003 Spain
2004 USA
2005 Korea
2006 UK
2007 USA
2008 Japan
2009 France
2010 USA
2011 China
2012 Poland